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L PRO S.r.l.
Is a dynamic and innovative start-up company whose mission is exploring the application of laser spectroscopy technologies to the filling process in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industry.

L PRO GAS SENSING has developed a set of patented systems allowing to non-invasively measure gas concentration inside any type of container which is at least partially transparent, through a laser beam.

The experience gained in the manufacturing of measuring and verification equipment for the pharmaceutical industry have allowed LPRO GAS SENSING to overcome, even in the food & beverage industry, the limitations of the invasive procedures used by current inspection methods.

FT SYSTEM, a company of the AROL S.p.a. Group, specialising in the manufacturing of capping systems, keeps following a customer-driven strategy, focused on fulfilling the needs of its global reference target - both end-users and OEM - and strengthens its leadership in the field of non-invasive control systems throughout the filling process.