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Welcome to our customer service.

Thanks to our new Online platform, you will be able to reach all of our services quickly and safely.
If you request the access, You will be given a personalized Username and Password.
You will immediately take advantage of all FT System’s services.
A simple, direct and personalized way to guarantee a precise and quick service.





Customized training courses.
If you know your system, you will be able to exploit better its potential.

It is possible to ask for training courses on your specific systems, they are structured on many levels to meet your needs.

The training courses can be held both in our training area or in your plant, directly on your lines. A specialized trainer will be dedicated to the training of your personnel using a specific and customized documentation for your systems.

Spare parts

Ask for spare parts in a simple and direct way. You can reduce delivery time, eliminate errors and optimize the purchase by directly accessing to our spare parts service
Online. One of our supervisors will contact you to define every detail of the delivery

Maintenance and repair service

It plans the maintenance, organizes better times and ways of intervention.
Ask our assistance service the interventions that you need: as soon as possible, one of our supervisors will contact you to propose an effective action plan based on your needs and availability



Request the activation of our tele-assistance service.

Ensure yourself the best assistance, exactly in the moment when it is necessary.

A qualified technician will directly connect to your online-enabled system to understand the problem in a direct way and to be able to intervene to solve the problem.

Speed and efficiency in one solution.



Ask for the intervention of one of our technicians via web, plan the creation of new formats with the help of a specialist, expect an online check-up of the state of the system.

A skilled technician, always ready to intervene on your line.


Warranty extension

Ask for warranty extension, ensure yourself the best assistance at the lowest cost.

Software update

Management programs are evolving in order to provide better performances.
Ask for an update of your systems or ask to add functions and analysis to those already made.
One of our specialists will evaluate your request and will contact you to offer the best solution to your needs.

Addition/integration controls

Increase the quality of your product, Increase the optimization of the line.
Ask for new controls or inspections where you find a problem for your production.
One of our consultants will advise you the best solution to ensure your total quality.

Integration documentation / Manuals

Manuals and documentation are fundamental for your people because they allow them to best exploit the potential of your systems. Certifications and integrations are important to demonstrate and ensure to your customers the quality of your product.

Ask for the necessary documentation, one of our consultants will contact you to give support and provide the best solution.