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AROL SpA and Tirelli Srl announce important partnership



AROL SpA – the global leader in the design and production of capping and corking systems – has on April 27, 2018 signed an important partnership with TIRELLI Srl of Porto Mantovano. Tirelli specializes in fillers, cappers and labelers mainly for the cosmetic sector.

This Partnership with TIRELLI supports the growth strategy and industry goals of the AROL Group, with the objective of expanding its offerings in related areas and integrating these with high-tech machines for primary packaging, guarantee of high quality standards and consumer protection.  The AROL Group also consists of FT System and Lpro (specialists in non-destructive inspection and quality control) along with UNIMAC-GHERRI (which produces linear cappers and fillers for food in glass containers with twist-off caps).

TIRELLI’S great experience in the cosmetic sector is being added to the AROL, FT SYSTEM and UNIMAC-GHERRI skills in soft drink, mineral water, wine, spirit and food sectors - for which every year more than 750 closing systems and more than 500 inspection and control systems are produced. 

AROL group now consists of more than 750 specialists, in its 5 production plants and 14 operational branches on 4 continents, with over 31,400 machines installed around the world.

“We are particularly pleased to have enriched our offerings with the technologies developed by TIRELLI, for over 50 years synonymous of quality and reliability in filling, capping and labelling systems for the cosmetic, personal and home care sectors” said Alberto Cirio, CEO of AROL SpA.
“Thanks to this partnership, we will be able to quickly expand our commercial and after-sale presence all over the world.  As well as to expand our production capacity and planning processes in a Lean perspective and realizing the advanced digital development of our systems, for a perfect integration in the latest generation of smart factories” said Roberto e Giacomo TIRELLI, CEO of TIRELLI Srl.