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Antares and FT System combine their know-how, experience and vision to offer companies a unique player on the market, able to guarantee product quality and its traceability throughout the production chain with a smart data management. A unique and innovative solution to protect quality, brand reputation and the final consumer.

What does this mean for companies?

The possibility, starting from inspections and accurate data, to optimize the production process, guarantee the quality and originality of the product by ensuring the transparency of the supply chain, map and trace the single product by eliminating the gray markets and the counterfeiting of the products, facilitate the operations of recalling a product and interacting with the end customer through interactive systems.

The common values that move us and involve all the people who work with us complete the picture of this winning union.

The BRAVERY to face new ambitious challenges with responsibility and flexibility in seeking feasible solutions, THE ENERGY that creates enthusiasm even in managing more complex situations, the PASSION that determines creativity and talent in always looking ahead and INNOVATION to look at each new goal with curiosity, awareness and competence.