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Innovative inspection solutions for food industry



The cutting-edge inspection solutions to perform leak detection and gas analysis in MAP food products.

The inspection solutions developed by FT System - Food Inspection are designed to provide innovative technologies to the food industry in order to guarantee quality and safety of the final product.

Our range of 4.0 solutions includes both in-line applications, such as the LDS700-IoT leak detector and the SAFETY FOOD gas concentration analyzer, as well as laboratory solutions, such as the EVO P and EVO TRACE gas concentration analyzers.

All these innovative inspection systems have one important aspect in common: the laser spectroscopy technology.

Thanks to an innovative application of this technology, FT System has developed inspection systems able to perform non-destructive gas analysis and leak detection on 100% of production.

This technology can provide multiple advantages: measurement of the gas concentration inside the package without the need to pierce and then dispose it, inspection of the proper sealing in the entire welding area at full line speed, non-destructive monitoring on 100% of production, optimization of the production process and identification of packaging anomalies.

Among our applications, the LDS 700-IoT inspection system is certainly the one that attracts the most attention. Designed to provide the food industry with an "in-line" inspection system capable of detecting micro-holes at full speed on 100% of production, it is characterized by the high reliability of its measurements.

The speed of measurement and its high sensitivity allow the gas leaks detection from containers packed in MAP.

The measurement is performed directly in line, on output products from the packaging machine, with the packages moving on the conveyor belt, compatibly with the existing line speeds.

The system is able to perform the in-line leak detection thanks to a soft pressure applied to the packages by extremely soft rollers that generate, in the presence of holes, the exchange of gas with the outside. The gas detection sensors with spectroscopic techniques are located near the packet in transit. The presence of CO2 inside the package allows leak detection without the need to use a specific tracer gas.

An innovative engineering solution also makes it possible to identify the area of the packaging where defects are detected, giving feedback to the customer in the event of systematic defects and locating which steps of the packaging process should be optimized through targeted maintenance.

In order to improve inspection performances, the system is designed to perform the calibration of the environmental CO2 level during the non-work phase, so as to guarantee the accuracy of the detection of CO2 leaks even when environmental conditions change.

Thanks to a simple and intuitive interface, accessible through a 15 ” touchscreen, the LDS700-IoT is an extremely easy-to-use machine. The customer is able to perform set up and format changes in just a few steps, and can easily access all the production statistics and data useful for improving product quality and packaging line efficiency.

Finally, the compact design of the LDS700-IoT facilitates installation in existing lines, even with limited space.