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Do you want to evaluate in real or predictive time whether a batch of caps from a specific supplier is more or less performing in terms of application depending on the capping system? Do you want to analyse and prevent the primary causes that lead to machine downtime, interruption of the production cycle and reduction in production yield? FT System, part of the Antares Vision group, through Avionics quality, is able to offer smart solutions that allow the internal processes of wineries to be digitised in order to maximise the quality of the wine and the production process. Avionics quality enables the automatic, real-time collection of all quality data from the production line, laboratory analyses and performance data, and the exchange of data with the company's information systems in order to cross-reference them and achieve greater flexibility, productivity and reduction of waste. These processes, which can be enhanced with the introduction of Artificial Intelligence, make it possible to evaluate raw material suppliers objectively, verify the compatibility of a given cap with the capping system on the basis of quality characteristics, optimise line speed to obtain maximum yield, and even monitor and compare the efficiency of processes in several wineries and/or lines at the same time. Quality, innovation and technology are the new principles introduced by Industry 4.0 that FT System is able to make available to wine producers to face the new market challenges in terms of competitiveness and brand reputation. 

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